Hyperawareness, a CF capability regarded as critical by IMD & Cisco research initiative

At the Global Center for Digital Business Transformation, an IMD and Cisco initiative,  they consider digital business agility (DBA) as critical to survival in the digital vortex.    DBA is composed of three parts: hyperawareness, informed decision-making, and fast execution.

Staying aware of opportunities and threats

Hyperawareness is a company’s ability to detect and monitor changes in its business environment. Organizations need to be able to see opportunities and threats as they emerge. Most companies are only

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Offering : Corporate Foresight as a Service

1449248384_Interface_popup_window_If you are urged for strategic innovation but lack time and resources we’d like to partner with you to co-enable your transformation. Introducing a new way of consulting in the field of corporate foresight to help you leverage CF methods and insights beyond your reach.

Corporate foresight is a prerequisite to survive in a fast changing and complex business environment. Anticipation of major trends and identifying opportunity spaces and threats are of key concern. This requires a structured and methodological approach, but should not be limited to larger corporations.

We can extend your strategic innovation capacity, either through co-sourcing corporate foresight capabilities, either through task or project specific sourcing.
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Offering : Trends Inspiration Pack

1449246401_radarWith this service we provide you with an overview (or update) on the major emerging trends in your strategic space.   We do not want to tell you what you already know.   Hence first step is to understand what’s already on your radar screen.   From this basis we will start researching and deliver you an “augmented trends radar”  for informing  your strategic discovery and decision processes.

Offering : Futures Readiness Builder

1449247333_aami13-73A strategic risk assessment of how well your organization is positioned to face future opportunities.   We gauge elements like the soundness of your portfolio of strategic options, the effectiveness of your corporate foresight process, the skills of your people and finally your organization’s structural features and positioning within its ecosystem.  At the end, you’ll see how you stack up and receive feedback on which priority actions you should consider to enable your organization reach a better futures ready position.

The CEOPositioningSystem

The idea : democratizing strategic thinking.

The action :  on behalf of CEONAV we built CEOPS as an all-encompassing strategic navigation system for medium-sized companies with the purpose of boosting their strategic thinking proficiency.   For more info, refer to this slideshare presentation :  “Proficient strategic thinking within the reach of SME’s”.

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