Offering : Corporate Foresight as a Service

1449248384_Interface_popup_window_If you are urged for strategic innovation but lack time and resources we’d like to partner with you to co-enable your transformation. Introducing a new way of consulting in the field of corporate foresight to help you leverage CF methods and insights beyond your reach.

Corporate foresight is a prerequisite to survive in a fast changing and complex business environment. Anticipation of major trends and identifying opportunity spaces and threats are of key concern. This requires a structured and methodological approach, but should not be limited to larger corporations.

We can extend your strategic innovation capacity, either through co-sourcing corporate foresight capabilities, either through task or project specific sourcing.
Together we can ao :

  • (re)set your strategic vision
  • explore your business & technological environment for relevant trends
  • identify & qualify opportunity spaces
  • assistance with decision management under uncertainty
  • drive your stakeholders’ engagement  (consumers, employees, partners, …)
  • manage innovation projects
  • establish ecosystem strategy
  • establish strategic & technology roadmaps
  • (re)design business model(s)
  • (re)balance your organizations re exploit the present & explore the future

Different service models are possible ie subscription fee vs time and material. Contact us  for more information.

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