Knowing when it is time to reinvent

HBR magazine December 2015

No business survives over the long term without reinventing itself. But knowing when to undertake strategic transformation—when to change a company’s core products or business model because of impending industry disruption—may be the hardest decision a leader faces.

Five interrelated “fault lines” can indicate that the ground beneath a company is unstable and that it’s time for radical change. The authors’ fault line framework addresses basic issues: whether the business serves the right customers, uses the right performance metrics, is positioned properly in its industry, deploys the correct business model, and has employees and partners who possess the capabilities required for future success. The framework can help executives build a case for change and persuade stakeholders to support the decision. And by identifying gaps between an organization’s current state and where it needs to be to continue to thrive, it can inform the vision of how the company must transform.

Diagnostic questions and an in-depth look at the health care company Aetna—an organization in the midst of an ambitious transformation effort, where one of the authors (Mark Bertolini) is CEO—illuminate how to detect the fault lines while there’s still ample time to respond.

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The Future is Happening Today! ITONICS announcing INSIGHTS Module

/ February 28, 2016

ITONICS Insights is their  new software module supporting clients in all technology and trend scanning activities. The following press release provides some details and can be found in various inflight magazines now:

Today’s pace of life can be a real challenge. Disruptive changes happen often and in quick succession with complexity that is almost impossible to comprehend or foresee. Identifying where a particular market is heading and how client demands are developing can be a daring endeavour. ITONICS offers a solution.

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