FuturesThinking in Flanders’ Firms still immature.

Our view :  Results from a recent ETION survey indicate that FuturesThinking in Flanders’ Firms is still immature and concrete action is required.   As far as foresight capabilities are concerned there is a need to go beyond SWOT and brainstorming.   To be successful Corporate Foresight requires a structured and continuous approach.

About the ETION study
From megatrends to fashion trends. Each branch or public policy domain has its own trend reports describing the bigger and smaller evolutions shaping the future. As organizations rely on the environment for their success, gaining insight in current and future developments in their ecosystem can be very useful.

To what extent are firms looking forward in order to anticipate the future? And what are the trends and developments that really matter for companies? These were the two central questions in an ETION survey they conducted in companies in Flanders and Brussels.
It is often said that our society changes fast and disruptively. Looking forward by imagining the future before it develops itself, can foster a proactive approach to these changes. Therefore the ETION study also looked into the practice of futures thinking in the business world: what methods are used, ref. below diagram.


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