Capabilities-driven Innovation Management

At IAMOT 2015 a research paper was presented by Louis Bouwer entitled “Conceptual framework to manage the innovation ecosystem”.

The identified problem is that at least 50% to 60% of corporations are still very unsuccessful with the implementation of innovation management within their organizations for various possible reasons: many are still in the infancy stage of their implementation effort; they underestimated the complexity and scope; or there exists a knowledge gap.

Therefore, the research’s primary aim was to develop a theory that can guide corporations with the management of innovation and increase the level of success with innovation output, competitive advantage, growth and the generation of wealth for employees, shareholders and all other stakeholders.

On top of this the study sheds an interesting light on motivational drivers and challenges for strategic innovation.

The paper can be found on the IAMOT Conference proceedings papers list. (P085).

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