Who We Are

esras_logo_RGB_BG dark_final_141215The meaning of ESRAS is “Proscribe; Empower”

The name Esras derives from the name of a Druid in Celtic mythology. A member of the Tuatha de Dannan, Esras had a special ability to teach, to explain and to illuminate complex images and ideas.

ESRAS is a management consultancy which mission is empowering organizations to sustain their long-term success in turbulent times.

Hereto, our vision is that organizations need to invest in corporate foresight capabilities at community, organizational, people, process and technological level.  This will render them “Futures Ready” or capable to adapt continuously to an increasingly unpredictable business environment.  Our role is to help you to bridge the know-how gap.

We focus on midsize growing organizations  because they in particular are at risk and in need for accessible and pragmatic assistance to stay fluid whilst maturing.   However certain of our services are equally relevant to larger organizations.

The main principles governing our work are :

  • it is your transformation process;  we collaborate with you to make it happen in an efficient manner and render it self-sufficient and sustainable over time.
  • we focus on organizational capabilities, yet we’d like to inspire you with relevant content.
  • we connect  and share with you in an open and constructive mood, leveraging your capabilities and embedding you in a larger ecosystem of partners.
  • demonstrable results are important, hence we strive to deliver concrete results in short intervals.