Connecting the dots

A recent blog from Frank Diana highlights very well the powerful impact of connecting the dots or combinatorial thinking and exploring the power of intersections.

We concur with the views expressed and would like to add that the Itonics platform can be very instrumental in this approach.   For more info on how to connect the dots with technology , look at our blog “Blinded by Trends” .


Blinded by Trends ?

Are you also having the feeling to be bombarded by trends insights reports, studies and gurus.       Can’t you see the wood for the trees anymore.   Are you having trouble to distill the most relevant trends of today, tomorrow and longer term.    Do you fear to have a too short term focus or a “me too” experience.   Are you getting a kind of trends fatigueness and failing to stay alert.

As to us there is no alternative for looking ahead into the future and to spot trends in a timely fashion in view of creating future opportunities.    However the abundance of information can effectively “blind you”, ie information overload and lack of structured tools to analyse and deal with them    Accordingly we recommend the use of digital tools like Trend Radar from Itonics.

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ITONICS enabling 3 Horizons Approach

To be able to compete today, tomorrow and the day after, it is not enough to do one-off organisational work. You need to organise to drive innovation in several horizons. According to Steve Coley (2009), innovation work can be divided into three parallel horizons. The first horizon (H1) is about incremental innovation in today’s business, extending the existing S-curve of the company. Horizon 2 (H2) is about expanding and building new business (the next coming S-curve, a mix of incremental and radical innovation) through innovation. Horizon 3 (H3) is an explorative and radical approach to future S-curves, to be commercialised in H2, ending up in H1.

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Platform Value Now Initiative

The Platform Value Now project funded by Finland’s Strategic Research Councilwill focus on understanding the fast emerging platform ecosystems, their value creation dynamics and requirements of the supportive institutional environment. They will analyze ecosystems with systems tools and develop new methods for platform-centric ecosystems management. Data collection is based on active scanning of global technology and platform ecosystems and fast solution oriented case experiments with Finnish corporations and policy planners. The aim of the project is to operationalize the collected understanding into a Platform Profile framework that will enable more efficient method and tool development for ecosystem management.

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End2End Innovation

White paper from ITONICS, our strategic technology partner.


“An organization that has no idea about the future does not have a future. Of course the future can only be understood and planned to a certain extent. Targeted innovation management, however, helps companies to identify and pick up on trends and technologies in good time and channel them to create targeted innovations. This paper  outlines the processes required to do this from the environmental analysis to brainstorming through to the planning of the market launch. In particular, the early stage of the innovation process has to date been neglected in innovation management.

This paper  presents a holistic, IT-supported innovative approach from environmental scanning through to the innovation roadmap and deals with the challenges faced in its implementation.”

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The Future is Happening Today! ITONICS announcing INSIGHTS Module

/ February 28, 2016

ITONICS Insights is their  new software module supporting clients in all technology and trend scanning activities. The following press release provides some details and can be found in various inflight magazines now:

Today’s pace of life can be a real challenge. Disruptive changes happen often and in quick succession with complexity that is almost impossible to comprehend or foresee. Identifying where a particular market is heading and how client demands are developing can be a daring endeavour. ITONICS offers a solution.

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