What We Do

We Curate, Advise & Coach with regard to Corporate Foresight* fostering Strategic Business Innovation and improved LT Business Performance.

We offer Insights, Know-How  & Technology.

From turning strategic Trends & Opportunity Spaces into Actionable Knowledge, to transforming your organization’s DNA into Truly Adaptive Mode.

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Our Value Proposition

Your Pains

If you recognize one or several of the below symptoms we trust we can be of help to you :

  • not enough ideas : insufficient situational awareness, ie no idea what the future will bring.
  • too many ideas : ineffective foresight process, ie you are  kind out of control and cannot see the forest for the trees anymore, just too many ideas, no clear linkage with your company’s purpose and strategy, your decision management process is stuck.
  • uncertainty whether you are engaging and investing on the right questions, too much  mainstream lacking distinctiveness, fueled by latest hypes and gurus.  
  • too slow process : inefficient foresight process, ie it takes much too much time from idea to action.
  • no time to spend : insufficient capable resources around to help you with your foresight efforts. or too bogged down with operational issues. 
  • no momentum : rigid organization, ie you do not succeed to flip your organization into a more adaptive mode.

(*)Corporate foresight permits an organization to lay the foundation for future competitive advantage. Corporate Foresight is identifying, observing and interpreting factors that induce change, determining possible organization- specific implications, and triggering appropriate organizational responses. Corporate foresight involves multiple stakeholders and creates value through providing access to critical resources ahead of competition, preparing the organization for change, and permitting the organization to steer proactively towards a desired future.”  Prof René Rohrbeck, Aarhus University, Business and Social Sciences.

Other surveys involving leading companies have confirmed that formal “strategic foresight” offorts add value through (1) an enhanced capacity to perceive change, (2) an enhanced capacity to interpret and respond to change, (3) influence on other actors, and (4) an enhanced capacity for organizational learning.