Our Service Offer

Corporate foresight is not a mechanical process.  Every situation is different and every organization has its proper context and is in a different maturity stage.   Moreover there are many different entry points, both topical and functional.   On top of this there are many possible methods which can be applied. Accordingly there is no one size fits all approach.

In general we can assist you with determining the best way going forward. Let’s have an initial talk to explore further how we can be of help to you.   Contact us.

In the meantime we have listed below some typical assignments which could be of interest to you.


1449247333_aami13-73Futures Readiness Builder

A high-level assessment of how well your organization is positioned to face future opportunities.   We gauge elements like the soundness of your portfolio of strategic options, the effectiveness of your corporate foresight process, the skills of your people and finally your organization’s operating model and positioning within its environment.  At the end, you’ll see how you stack up and receive feedback on which priority actions you should consider to enable your organization reach a better futures ready position.

To get a better idea of what we have in mind, check out this presentation “The DNA of the 21st C Company”.


1449246401_radarTrends Inspiration Pack

With this service we provide you with an overview (or update) on the major emerging trends in your strategic space.   We do not want to tell you what you know already.   Hence first step is to understand what’s already on your radar screen.   Herefrom we will start researching and deliver you an “augmented trends radar”  for input into your strategic decision processes.


1449248384_Interface_popup_window_Corporate Foresight as a Service

If you are urged for strategic innovation but lack time and resources we’d like to partner with you to co-enable your transformation. Introducing a new way of consulting in the field of corporate foresight to help you leverage CF methods and insights beyond your reach.

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1449248736_Exchange_refresh_reload_rotate_syncScenario Thinking 


As the future becomes harder to predict, scenario planning becomes more useful. It is designed to stretch your thinking and planning across multiple plausible futures.

For a given opportunity space or strategic theme we assist you throughout the process of discovering alternative scenarios and translating them into actionable knowledge.